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Wood restoration for log homes, siding, post & beam, decks & railings.


Making weathered wood look good.

Twenty five years ago owner Roger Jaques began custom log home building in Whistler, BC under a master builder. After six years, he transitioned to specializing in the exterior restoration of log homes and homes with wooden siding or shingles to fill a growing need for quality coatings and restoration work.

Twenty years later, with literally hundreds of projects completed, “making weathered wood look good” is our trademark and speciality. Once new wood appearance has been achieved, we then re-finish the exterior with a high performance enviro-friendly wood oil with many colours to choose from, and can restore virtually any exterior to brand new again. With twenty years in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled.


We operate across all of Western Canada.

Methods of Wood Restoration

We employ a variety of methods to restore weathered wood and remove old coatings. The system used depends on multiple factors including site access, location, the kind of coating that is being stripped, time of year, temperature, humidity, etc. Our systems include sandblasting with micro-fine crushed glass, using enviro-friendly stripping gels in conjunction with hot water power-washing, machine sanding and more. Whichever method or combination of methods is employed, we guarantee to restore your home or project back to clean, new wood. This provides the basis upon which we then apply the wood oil to keep the exterior looking good for years to come.

Wood Rot & Structural Repairs

Often in log or post and beam homes moisture gets into exposed logs and beams, and rot begins. We have the experience and the knowledge to remove and replace these and prevent it happening again in the future. It may seem impossible to replace a log in a wall of logs, but it can be done!

Services are provided for log homes, sliding, post & beam, as well as decks & railings. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information.


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Peregrine Lodge, After Restoration
After Restoration

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Wood Wizards will travel and we operate across all of Western Canada, including the Yukon, BC and Alberta. Remote locations are our specialty.

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