Can I do the maintenance coats of wood oil myself, and how easy is it?

Once the initial treatment has been installed the maintenance is usually quick and easy and can be done without too much effort.

Do I need to do anything in between maintenance cycles?

Most homes, especially log houses, can benefit from a light cleaning with soapy water and a garden hose rinse once a year. This keeps dirt and airborne pollens etc., from settling on the coating and providing the potential basis for mould growth.

I heard that corn cob and walnut shells are popular for blasting log homes to remove the old finish, do you use these mediums?

No, we only use ultra-fine crushed glass for blasting as it is not an organic medium like the corn or walnut shell. Inorganic medium does not provide a place for potential mould growth, as all blasting medium has the potential to settle into cracks and corners of the house and cannot be removed.

Are your products enviro-friendly?

All our products are environmentally friendly and are biodegradable with water cleanup.

What will it cost to have my house refinished and restored?

This is extremely difficult to answer, as every project is different and requires a unique approach to refinish it. Many factors govern pricing including, location, on-site access, kinds of cleaners and strippers required, the existing condition of the house exterior, etc. If you have the approximate square footage of the house, and some photos of it from every side, we can usually give you a rough idea on cost without travelling there. Please contact us.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Not at this time. Payments can be made by either cheque, bank to bank transfer, or e-transfer.